COVID-19 Update - Week 39


COVID-19 Update - Week 39

Wednesday, December 9, 2020


This last week we were able to bless over 260 people with a free gas giveaway. There are so many stories that came from that experience, and it was all made possible through your generous giving. Thank you for being a part of bringing heaven to Muncie, Indiana alongside us!


Since the Christmas Eve service will be a little different this year in an online format, we've been working hard to design a way to still make it special. Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 20th from noon to 2pm when you can drive to Union Chapel to receive a specially designed Christmas Eve Kit that contains resources for you to use as you participate in the Christmas Eve services with us. They will include communion elements, candles and glow sticks for the candlelight service, and more! We will also be distributing kits on Tuesday, 22nd and Wednesday the 23rd from 4pm-6pm if you can't make the first date!


What time will we gather in person?
What time will the doors open before service?
What time will the online services be available?
Do I need a reservation to attend a service on campus?
How do I prepare for electronic check in on campus?
How will seating be handled in the Worship Center?
Should I wear a face mask?
Will there be singing during service?
What happens if maximum capacity is reached in the Worship Center?
Will kids ministries meet?
Should those in the “at-risk” category attend?
What will dismissal look like following service?
What if I need to talk with a Pastor?
Will the coffee shop be open?
What cleaning and sanitizing will be done?
What about those who are sick or have symptoms?
What if I’m not ready to return to in-person gatherings?
What will the greeting time look like during services?