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4FIVE6 strives to provide students with the opportunity to KNOW God personally, to GROW in the intimacy of their relationship with Christ and each other, and to empower students to GO and live out their call to serve in their homes, schools, and churches.

We do this by offering services for all students in 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade every weekend.


At 4FIVE6, we've structured everything we do around developing young disciples of Jesus. We believe that in order to achieve the perfect balance for this growth, a combination of three important elements is necessary: growing in knowledge and understanding of who God is by attending our weekend 4FIVE6 experience, connecting with each other in small groups, and serving those in our spheres of influence.

4FIVE6 Values

Small Groups

At 4FIVE6 we believe that authentic growth and life transformation happens in circles, not rows.


KIDS@UC Framework

We believe that every moment in your child's life matters. We have a 7 step framework in place to help parents make sure every moment with their child is well spent.

Picture the weeks that your child has from birth until graduation as a jar full of marbles.

Full jar of marbles


You have 936 weeks with your child from birth until graduation.
Jar of marbles over half full


By the time they reach 3rd grade, you only have half that time.
Jar of marbles under half full


When your child reaches high school, you have roughly 208 weeks left until graduation.
Jar of marbles almost empty


By the time they get their driver’s license, you are down to just over 100 weeks.


We want to make sure to answer any questions that you might have.
Here are some of the more common ones.

Where do I go?

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4FIVE6 is located at the west end of the Union Chapel campus. When you arrive on campus, make your way toward the the west end of the parking lot to find the green covered entry way with the 4FIVE6 sign. Upon entering the 4FIVE6 Lobby you will be greeted by 4FIVE6 leaders and staff and directed to the 4FIVE6 Check-In desk.

How do I check in?

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4FIVE6 has moved to a completely touch-less check-in system. Prior to arriving on campus, download the Church Center app and select Union Chapel as your home church.

Is the environment safe?

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We are dedicated to the safety of your children. The 4FIVE6 facility is a locked area during all weekend services. No unauthorized person is allowed through our locked down doors without presenting the proper identification to the security guard stationed at each door. These policies are in place to help keep your children safe and secure.

How will you contact me if my child needs me?

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In the case that we must contact you while your child is at 4FIVE6, our first course of action will be to send a text message to the cell phone number(s) listed under the parent contact information for the child. Our second step will be to call the listed cell phone number. If a response is not received, the child's pick up tag code will be projected on the screen in the service.

What will my child do while they are at 4FIVE6?

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While your child is at 4FIVE6 they will receive Biblical teaching through engaging communication, dynamic worship, small group discussions, and large group games. We offer 2 nearly identical services to give your child the best opportunity to KNOW Jesus, GROW in their faith, and then we send them out to GO and share with the world.

How can I become a 4FIVE6 leader?

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For more information, please contact Kenzie Harris at 765-288-8383, ext. 205 or harris@unionchapel.com.


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The 4FIVE6 Team

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Kenzie Harris

4FIVE6 Pastor