At Union Chapel, we value and protect relationships. Whether you're just starting out, or years down the road, you'll be able to find resources to strengthen your relationship.

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Couples at Union Chapel exists to tell about God’s amazing plan for relationships and to equip you to have the connection God has designed especially for you.


What if you could take 5 minutes to build a stronger connection in your most important relationship? That's what First Fridays are all about.  Every First Friday of the month someone on our amazing Couples team will talk through a specific relationship issue and give you some practical things to do to make that better in your life!

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Premarital Mentoring

Build a strong foundation for the most important relationship in your life with premarital mentors.  This is an interactive discovery process that uses the best relationship building resources available today.  Interested?  Tell us a little about yourself and we will be in touch!

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Some things require professional care. If you'd like to go even deeper, The Counseling Center may be the place to start that journey.

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