Belong. Believe. Be Changed. Be Sent.

Welcome to Oneighty

Oneighty exists to create a community gathered under one name (Jesus), one purpose (to make fully devoted followers of Jesus), and one heart (to love people like Jesus loves them), so that every 6th-12th grade student in Delaware County has a home.


You are ROYAL
The REAL you is the BEST you
You BELONG to our family before you BELIEVE like our family
We go further TOGETHER
We change THE world by changing OUR world

frequently asked questions

We've got a lot going on at Oneighty and we want to answer any questions that you might have. Here are a few that we get most often.

Where does Oneighty meet?

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Oneighty meets in the Oneighty Building at Union Chapel. Our building is easily identified by the large blue awning over the main entrance.


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All students attending Oneighty should enter under the large blue awning in the Oneighty building. Upon arrival students will be welcomed by our amazing first impressions teams.

Is the environment safe?

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Oneighty is a very safe environment for all students. We are welcoming to ALL types of students. We require background checks for EVERY adult who enters our building on a Sunday night, and each week we have adult leaders dedicated to security alone.

What can I expect at Oneighty?

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There are three main components of Oneighty on Sunday nights. 1. Free time, where students have access to our gym, games, coffe bar, and much more. 2. Small groups, where every student will be connected with an adult leader and others their own age/gender. 3. Oneighty Live, a service where we have live music and a relevant teaching.

Who can be a leader at Oneighty?

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If you're out of High School and have a heart for 6th-12th grade students, we'd love to have you on our team. Because we take our ministry so seriously and value the safety and health of our students above all else, we require that every leader goes through our Oneighty leader packet. This packet includes a leader application, a background check, and information about Oneighty and Oneighty leaderhsip. You can pick up a Oneighty leader packet in our Oneighty Offices between 9:00-4:00 Tuesday-Friday, or contact one of our Oneighty staff members for more information.

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Our Oneighty student website will be a resource where students can find the latest messages, work a
Gameplan, get involved with a Small Church, and join a serving team. The Oneighty site will provide a way for students to interract with all things Oneighty 24/7.

Can't Wait


the Oneighty Team

Our Oneighty team is dedicated to transforming students' lives, their schools, and Delaware County as a whole. We absolutely love students and we're committed to providing a home for every single student in Delaware County.

Cole Farlow

Oneighty Pastor

Mary Banning

Oneighty Administrator