Welcome to Oneighty.

Oneighty exists to create a community gathered under one name (Jesus), one purpose (to make fully devoted followers of Jesus), and one heart (to love people like Jesus loves them), so that every 7th-12th grade student in Delaware County has a home.

OUR mission

Belong. Believe. Be Changed. Be Sent.

Frequently asked questions.

We want to answer any questions that you might have. Here are a few that we get most often.

When and where does Oneighty meet?

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Oneighty meets from 6-8pm every Sunday night in the Building 3 Worship Center Auditorium at Union Chapel.

Which entrance do I come in?

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All students attending Oneighty should enter under the large blue awning of Building 3. Upon arrival students will be asked to check-in, using the Church Center app, and will be welcomed by our amazing check-in team.

Is the environment safe?

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Oneighty welcomes ALL students. We are a place where students are loved. Additionally,  EVERY adult leader is required to pass a background check.

What can I expect at Oneighty?

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There are three main components of Oneighty. 

1. Free time, where students have access to our gym, games, and much more.

2. Small groups, where every student will be connected with adult leaders and others their own age/gender.

3. Oneighty Live, a service with live worship and a Biblical teaching.


Interested in leading at Oneighty?

Both adults (18+) and students (7th-12th grade) are welcome! We'd love to have you lead alongside us!

You'll find our leadership applications directly below. Adults are required to pass a background check to lead at Oneighty.


The Oneighty Team

Our Oneighty team is dedicated to transforming students' lives, their schools, and Delaware County. We absolutely love students and we're committed to providing a home, here at Union Chapel, for every single 7th-12th grade student in Delaware County.

Devyn Tarr

Young Adults Oneighty Associate Pastor

Austin Craig

Oneighty Pastor

Marcie Po

Oneighty Student Ministry Assistant